Frequently Asked Questions

What was the focus of Research Trends?

Research Trends was an online publication, active during the period 2007 to 2014. Published by Elsevier, the publication was led by and included contributions from thought leaders in bibliometrics and related fields. For many years, Henk F. Moed steered the publication, as Editor in Chief. Studies and articles reviewed emerging metrics and indicators, proposed ways to map science and considered the evolving dynamics of research, while also including foundational knowledge for those new to the field.

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Can I submit manuscripts to Research Trends?

Research Trends ceased publication in 2014.

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Where can I find similar research?

Searching an abstract and indexing database such as Scopus will lead you to the rich and diverse array of published literature that Research Trends focused on. You may also be interested in such resources as the Perspective series from the International Center for the Study of Research at Elsevier, or the various reports from the Research Intelligence solutions.

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