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Issue 36 - March 2014

Party papers or policy discussions: an examination of highly shared papers using altmetric data

…up ancients’ sex lives 10.1038/nature.2013.14196 BMJ The future of the NHS–irreversible privatisation? 10.1136/bmj.f1848 Nature News Feature Archaeology: The milk revolution 10.1038/500020a Nature News Feature Neuroscience: Solving the brain 10.1038/499272a Nature News Feature Tissue engineering: How to build a heart 10.1038/499020a Nature News Feature Theoretical physics: The origins of space and time 10.1038/500516a Nature News Feature Online

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Issue 9 - January 2009

Is e-publishing affecting science?

…d to lead to more serendipitous discoveries of knowledge, while the era of online access has resulted in rapid consensus-building and preferential attachment. However, in the accompanying editorial, Carol Tenopir at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville offers a different perspective. Tenopir, with longtime collaborator Donald W. King, has studied reader behavior in the online journal environment for many years. Their findings suggest that the…

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Issue 37 - June 2014

Evaluating the individual researcher – adding an altmetric perspective

…ve metrics’ in scientific publications”, Scientometrics, DOI:10.1007/s11192-014-1264-0 (6) Li, X., Thelwall, M. & Giustini, D. (2012) “Validating online reference managers for scholarly impact measurement”, Scientometrics, Vol. 91, No. 2, pp. 461-471. (7) Bar-Ilan, J. (2012) “JASIST@Mendeley”. Presented at altmetrics12, ACM Web Science Conference 2012 Workshop, Evanston, IL, 21 June 2012. Retrieved from…

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Issue 33 - June 2013

The Challenges of Measuring Social Impact Using Altmetrics

…istic about measuring impact”, (5) Reeves, M., (2002) “Measuring the economic and social impact of the arts: a review”, (6) Davis, V. (2012) “Humanities: the unexpected success story of the 21st century”, (7) Radford, T. (2011) “Of course scientists can c…

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Issue 31 - November 2012

Fixing authorship – towards a practical model of contributorship

…some very good examples of simple, spreadsheet-based tools in recent proof-of-principle projects. However, the task of apportioning responsibilities (and rewards) can start earlier – perhaps within research tools such as Mendeley. Help is coming Many of the issues highlighted above are being tackled by a diverse community of agencies and approaches, many of which came together for the IWCSA workshop. Here we want to highlight a particularly impor…

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Issue 38 - September 2014

Reporting Back: The APAC research intelligence conference

… (2) Franceschet, M., Costantini, A. (2010) “The effect of scholar collaboration on impact and quality of academic papers”, Journal of Informetrics, Vol. 4, No. 4, pp. 540-553. (3) Prinz, F., Schlange, T., Asadullah, K. (2011) “Believe it or not: How much can we rely on published data on potentia…

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Issue 27 - March 2012

The influence of free encyclopedias on science

…collaborative encyclopaedia focussing on mathematics.” Scholarpedia: “peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia, where knowledge is curated by communities of experts.” Wikibooks: “a free library of educational textbooks that anyone can edit.” Wikipedia: “a free, collaborative, multilingual Internet encyclopedia.” Wikisource: “Wikisource is an online library of free content publications, collected and maintained by the Wikisource community.” Figure 5…

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Issue 34 - September 2013

The peculiar persistence of medical myths: how to counter and discourage misinformation

…(2009)–bubbly-little-girl-struggles-speak-walk-feed-herself.html • American parents awarded £600,000 in compensation after their son developed autism as a result of MMR vaccine (2013) The recent epidemic of measles has resulted in sufficient…

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Issue 20 - November 2010

Popularity or prestige: are you making the right impact?

…Management, Vol. 47, issue 1, pp. 80–96. Additional reading: 1. Bollen, J.; Rodriguez, M.A.; and Van De Sompel, H. (2006) “Journal Status”, Scientometrics, issue 69, pp. 669–687. 2. González-Pereira, B.; Guerrero-Bote, V.P.; and Moya-Anegón, F. (2009) “The SJR indicator: A new indicator of journals’ scientific prestige”, VN:F [1.9.22_1171] please wait… Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)…

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Issue 35 - December 2013

How to overcome common obstacles to publishing in English

…er review process”, Available at: (9) Babor, T.F., Stenius, K., Savva, S., O’Reilly, J. (eds) (2011), Publishing Addiction Science: a Guide for the Perplexed. (2nd edition) (Co-sponsored by the International Society of Addiction Journal Editors and the Society for the Study of Addiction), pp. 236. Brentwood, Essex: Multi-Science Publishing Co. Ltd. (10) Curry, M.J. & Lillis, T. (201…

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