• Date: 11/07/2013 to 11/08/2013
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • City: Amsterdam
  • Format: Conference
  • Organiser: Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)

Over the next few years, science will have to make a number of important transitions. There is deeply-felt uncertainty and discontent on a number of aspects of the scientific system: the tools measuring scientific output, the publish-or-perish culture, the level of academic teaching, the scarcity of career opportunities for young scholars, the impact of science on policy, and the relationship between science, society and industry.

The checks and balances of our scientific system are in need of revision. To accomplish this, science should be evaluated on the basis of its added value to society. The public should be given a better insight in the process of knowledge production: what parties play a role and what issues are at stake? Stakeholders from society should become more involved in this process, and have a bigger say in the allocation of research funding. This is the view of the Science in Transition initiators Huub Dijstelbloem (WRR/UvA), Frank Huisman (UU/UM), Frank Miedema (UMC Utrecht), Jerry Ravetz (Oxford) and Wijnand Mijnhardt (Descartes Centre, UU).

Representatives of science, policy-making and governance will address these issues on 7 and 8 November 2013.

Please register by submitting the online registration form. Participation is free, but lunch is not included. In the surroundings of the Trippenhuis are many lunch facilities.

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