Issue 39 - December 2014

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Brain research: Mining emerging trends and top research concepts

Level the playing field in scientific international collaboration with the use of a new indicator: Field-Weighted Internationalization Score

Issue 38 - September 2014

Download: Issue 38 - September 2014 PDF

Reporting Back: The APAC research intelligence conference

Tracking scientific development and collaborations – The case of 25 Asian countries

The black eagle soars: Germany’s bibliometric trends 2004-2013

A quick look at references to research data repositories

Publish or perish? The rise of the fractional author…

Graphene: ten years of the ‘gold rush’

A decade’s trends in virology research

10 years of research impact: top cited papers in Scopus 2001-2011

Issue 37 - June 2014

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Evaluating the individual researcher – adding an altmetric perspective

Gauging openness, measuring impact

Science without borders: are technology and policy limiting internationalization?

The grey literature from an altmetrics perspective – opportunity and challenges

Downloads versus citations and the role of publication language

A comparison of citations, downloads and readership data for an information systems journal

Scholarly blogs are a promising altmetric source

Predicting citation counts

A brief history of altmetrics

Issue 36 - March 2014

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Celebrating Rare Disease Day – A look into Rare Disease research

Party papers or policy discussions: an examination of highly shared papers using altmetric data

Article downloads: An alternative indicator of national research impact and cross-sector knowledge exchange

Research evaluation in Israel: Interview with Dr. Daphne Getz

Stem cell research: Trends in and perspectives on the evolving international landscape

Research assessment: Review of methodologies and approaches

Issue 35 - December 2013

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Towards a common model of citation: some thoughts on merging altmetrics and bibliometrics

How to overcome common obstacles to publishing in English

Ancient medicine in modern times

Africa doubles research output over past decade, moves towards a knowledge-based economy

Migration and co-authorship networks in Mexico, Turkey and India

The bibliometrics of the developing world

Issue 34 - September 2013

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Trends in pediatrics: Overview of research trends from 2007 – 2011

The peculiar persistence of medical myths: how to counter and discourage misinformation

A funding profile of the NIH

Charlatans and copy-cats: Research fraud in the medical sector

The Becker Medical Library Model for assessment of research impact – an Interview with Cathy C. Sarli and Kristi L. Holmes

Military medicine and its impact on civilian life

Issue 33 - June 2013

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Beyond the PDF 2

Women’s Not-for-Profit Organizations’ Research Output – Characterizations and Trends

The impact of science on technology, as measured by patent citations

The Challenges of Measuring Social Impact Using Altmetrics

The use of assessment reports to generate and measure societal impact of research

Buzzwords and Values: The prominence of “impact” in UK research policy and governance

The science that changed our lives

Issue 32 - March 2013

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Arts & Humanities around the world

Citation characteristics in the Arts & Humanities

Publication languages in the Arts & Humanities

Mapping the multidisciplinarity of the Arts & Humanities

Towards a comprehensive citation index for the Arts & Humanities

Trends in Arts & Humanities Funding 2004-2012

Evaluating the Humanities: Vitalizing ‘the forgotten sciences’

Issue 31 - November 2012

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Reporting Back: Research Evaluation in Practice

Reporting Back: Research Mobility and Brain Circulation

The Rise of Latin American Science

International scientific migration analysis generates new insights

FORCE11 Gains Momentum Creating the Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

The Language of (Future) Scientific Communication

Fixing authorship – towards a practical model of contributorship

Issue 30 - September 2012

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The use of Big Datasets in bibliometric research

Part 3: Data analytics & visualization

Part 2: Data processing and Analytical methodologies

Part 1: Background

A Big Data Approach to the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences: Wikipedia’s View of the World through Supercomputing

Computational & Data Science, Infrastructure, & Interdisciplinary Research on University Campuses:

International Council for Science (ICSU) and the Challenges of Big Data in Science

Guiding Investments in Research: Using Data To Develop Science Funding Programs and Policies

Big Data: Science Metrics and the black box of Science Policy

The Evolution of Big Data as a Research and Scientific Topic: Overview of the Literature

Issue 29 - July 2012

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Research Evaluation in Practice: Interview with Linda Butler

Identifying emerging research topics in Wind Energy research using author given keywords

Bibliometrics and Urban Research, part II: Mapping author affiliations

The Integrated Impact Indicator (I3), the top-10% Excellence Indicator, and the use of non-parametric statistics

Merit, expertise and measurement: a new research program at CWTS

Issue 28 - May 2012

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Evidence-based Science Policy Research Seminar

Powerful Numbers – an Interview with Diana Hicks

Usage: an alternative way to evaluate research

Bibliometrics and Urban Research: Part I

Does open access publishing increase citation or download rates?

Issue 27 - March 2012

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Research Impact in the broadest sense: REF 14

Scientific Evaluation and Metrics – an Interview with Julia Lane

Patenting Library Science Research Assets

The influence of free encyclopedias on science

The evolution of brain drain and its measurement: Part II

Editorial: Societal Impact

Issue 26 - January 2012

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The Power of Scientific Mapping and Visualization: an interview with Prof. Katy Börner

The evolution of brain drain and its measurement: Part I

Research Evaluation Metrics- International and Local Perspectives

Letter to the Editor

F1000 Journal Rankings: an alternative way to evaluate the scientific impact of scholarly communications

Citography: the visualization of nineteen thousand journals through their recent citations

Issue 25 - November 2011

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The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship – Social Sciences Research and Industry Products

Two’s company: how scale affects research groups

How do European universities perceive the rankings? Global University rankings and their impact

Individual Researcher Assessment: from Newby to Expert

Is science in your country declining? Or is your country becoming a scientific super power, and how quickly?

Letter to the editor

Issue 24 - September 2011

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Mapping & Measuring Scientific Output

A “democratization” of university rankings: U-Multirank

Heading for success: or how not to title your paper

Emerging scientific networks

On the assessment of institutional research performance

Issue 23 - May 2011

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Layered assessment: Using SciVal Strata to examine research performance

Excellence in Research for Australia — a new ERA

Performance-Based Research Funding Systems: Rewarding (only) quality research?

The multi-dimensional research assessment matrix

Research Assessment 101: An introduction

Issue 22 - March 2011

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Tipping the balance: The rise of China as a science superpower

Science, music, literature and the one-hit wonder connection

An update on Obama and American science: Uncovering US competencies

University rankings – what do they measure?

The Research Excellence Framework: revisiting the RAE

Issue 21 – January 2011

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The woman formerly known as…

“Sleeping Beauties” or delayed recognition: when old ideas are brought to bibliometric life

A rebirth of science in Islamic countries?

What’s in a name? Journal rebranding and its consequences on citations

Children of the (scientific) revolution: a bibliometric perspective on Kuhnian paradigm shifts

Issue 20 - November 2010

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The secret life of the Nobels

Popularity or prestige: are you making the right impact?

Where do Nobel Laureates come from?

Does a Nobel Prize lead to more citations?

The Midas touch

Issue 19 - September 2010

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Managing our environment on three fronts

Mapping 20 years of Global Ocean Ecosystem Research

Research and practice in waste management

“Omics”: genomics’ offspring shed light on biodiversity

Identifying expertise in water management

Issue 18 - July 2010

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In recognition of peer reviewers

Letters from the past

Metric mad: the future of scholarly evaluation indicators

Buckyballs, nanotubes and graphene: On the hunt for the next big thing

Speech is silver, silence is golden: The challenges of scientific communication

Issue 17 - May 2010

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15 minutes of fame

Creating your own destiny

Tending the GM garden: does public interest fertilize or poison the field?

The mobile lab

Blogging about science

Issue 16 - March 2010

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The importance of inspirational researchers

Secrets of early success

An international start to a high-flying academic career

Social networking in academia

Measuring your progress

Issue 15 - January 2010

Download: Issue 15 - January 2010 PDF

Bibliometrics comes of age

Sparking debate

A question of prestige

New perspectives on journal performance

Issue 14 - December 2009

Download: Issue 14 - December 2009 PDF

Jorge Hirsch: the man behind the metric

Iranian universities pushing ahead

Small countries lead international collaboration

Analyzing a multidisciplinary research field

Research supports UN millennium development goals

Issue 13 - October 2009

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Climate research outstrips CO2 emissions

Where government, industry and academia meet

Biomass and biofuels – the promising potential of oilgae

Tackling climate change on three fronts: politics, public opinion and science

Issue 12 - July 2009

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…a classic paper?

Busting the open access myth

What’s leading the curve: research or policy?

Analyzing the multidisciplinary landscape

Learning from our mistakes

Issue 11 - May 2009

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…So many papers outside your field?

Promoting innovation in Italy

Turning the ranking tables on their head: how to improve your standing

Measuring up: how does the h-index correlate with peer assessments?

Breaking boundaries: patterns in interdisciplinary citation

Issue 10 - March 2009

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…a Top-Cited marketing paper?

Inspired by bibliometrics

Obama’s “Dream Team”

Pleased to cite you: the social side of citations

The politics of bibliometrics

Issue 9 - January 2009

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…a Nobel Laureate?

Using data to drive performance

THE rankings – a country view

Women in science – perception and reality

Is e-publishing affecting science?

Issue 8 - November 2008

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Why am I cited…?

Eigenfactor: pulling the stories out of the data

Geographical trends of research output

Mapping unknown regions

Custom data fuels OECD’s Innovation Strategy

Issue 7 - September 2008

Download: Issue 7 - September 2008 PDF

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose: de Solla Price’s legacy and the changing face of scientometrics

Why “The citation cycle” is my favorite de Solla Price paper

The invisible college: working within the Pricean tradition

Journals as retention mechanisms of scientific growth

De Solla Price and the evolution of scientometrics

How de Solla Price influenced my work

Celebrating the legacy of de Solla Price

Issue 6 - July 2008

Download: Issue 6 - July 2008 PDF

Why did you cite…?

The misuse of metrics can harm science

English as the international language of science

Journal publication: why the Netherlands is so prolific

Journal analysis

Issue 5 - May 2008

Download: Issue 5 - May 2008 PDF

The h-index and its variants: which works best?

United States’ share of research output continues to decline

Is nanoscale research slowing down?

Issue 4 - March 2008

Download: Issue 4 - March 2008 PDF

Why did you cite…?

Social sciences literature in citation databases

Focus on China: the trajectory of Chinese research

Australia: new government, new research opportunities

Assessing the Shanghai Rankings

Issue 3 - January 2008

Download: Issue 3 - January 2008 PDF

Why did you cite…?

What is the best way to assess academic research?

UK universities climb in THES rankings

The effects of bibliometric indicators on research evaluation

The RAE: measuring academic research

Issue 2 - November 2007

Download: Issue 2 - November 2007 PDF

Why did you cite…?

Scopus data ranks the world

Focus on Germany: quantity and quality

Mitochondrion fills the gap

Scientometrics from past to present: part two

Issue 1 - September 2007

Download: Issue 1 - September 2007 PDF

From h to g: the evolution of citation indices

Focus on Turkey: the influence of policy on research output

Country analysis: examining the numbers

Scientometrics from past to present

  • Elsevier has recently launched the International Center for the Study of Research - ICSR - to help create a more transparent approach to research assessment. Its mission is to encourage the examination of research using an array of metrics and a variety of qualitative and quantitive methods.