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Research Trends (ISSN 2213-4441) is an online publication that provides objective, up-to-the-minute insights into scientific trends based on bibliometric analysis.

Worldwide, there is an ever growing demand for quality research performance measurement and trend-related information by deans, faculty heads, researchers, funding bodies and ranking agencies. Research Trends seeks to meet this demand as an essential source of information for you to effectively carry out your work. Research Trends is powered by Elsevier, a world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services.

Research Trends is currently on hiatus. We look forward to publishing new articles in the near future.


Many thanks to those whose vision established Research Trends. We are deeply indebted to their contributions.


Photo of Dr Henk Moed, Editor- in-ChiefDr Henk Moed, former Editor- in-Chief

Joining CWTS from when it opened in 1981, Dr. Moed supervised many large projects commissioned and funded by external agencies, including the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, the Ministry of the Flemish Community, the European Commission and the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

Over the course of his career, Dr. Moed has published more than 50 research articles in more than a dozen journals as well as Citation Analysis in Research Evaluation, one of the few textbooks in the field of research evaluation and citation-based indicators written for the broad scientific and scholarly audience. He was a co-editor of the Handbook on Quantitative Science and Technology Research (2004).

In 1999, he was the winner of the Derek de Solla Price Award, which is periodically presented by the journal Scientometrics to scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the fields of quantitative studies of science. Recently, Dr. Moed served as program chair at the 10th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators and the 11th International Conference of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI).

At Elsevier, Dr. Moed played an integral role in providing the most current bibliometric insights as the organization develops performance and planning solutions for the academic and government research strategy decision makers. He also ensured the reliability and applicability of the company’s bibliometric tools, metrics and techniques. He left the company in November 2014.


Dr Daphne van Weijen, former Publisher for Research Trends

Daphne van Weijen served as Publishing Information Manager within the Scientometrics and Market Analysis team, part of Elsevier’s Research and Academic Relations department, until November 2014. She advised colleagues on different matters, using bibliographic data, such as advising journal publishers and editors on how to improve their journals.

Daphne attended Utrecht University, where she obtained a Liberal Arts MA (cum laude), specializing in both Sociolinguistics and Language Teaching. She subsequently completed her PhD research on Writing Processes and Text Quality in First and Second Language Writing at  the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics (UiL-OTS) in 2009. Before joining Elsevier, Daphne worked as a lecturer in the Language Use group within the Dutch Department at Utrecht University and contributed to several international research projects as an independent researcher.


Photo of Gali Halevi, MLS, PhD, Research Trends seminars

Gali Halevi, MLS, PhD

Gali Halevi was a senior analyst and program director in the informetrics research group at Elsevier where she conducted informetric and bibliometric research to inform Elsevier’s products enhancements and development. Prior to that, Gali was the Director of Government Segment Marketing at Elsevier responsible for strategic and scientific engagements and relationships development with government and military institutions around the world. Prior to Elsevier, she worked in various industry sectors as an Information Specialist and Business Intelligence officer including R&D, and venture capital firms in Israel. Gali Received her MLS from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 2010, Gali received her PhD in Library & Information Science from The Palmer School in Long Island University. She left Elsevier in January 2015 to become Chief Library Director, Levy Library at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York.


Sarah Huggett, MPhil

Sarah continues as Analytical Services Product Manager for Elsevier Research Intelligence, based in Singapore and with a focus on the APAC region. Her role involves preparing and presenting reports on research performance for academic institutions, governments, and funding bodies. She keeps her eyes on research evaluation developments within and beyond bibliometrics (e.g., measures of attention and engagement). A  passionate communicator, Sarah was on the Research Trends editorial board from 2009 until 2014.

Sarah joined Elsevier in 2006; her first job was in Research & Academic Relations in the UK, in which she gained a deep understanding of bibliometrics and how they can be used to inform strategic planning. Prior to this, she had taught French at Oxford University after completing an M.Phil. in English Literature at the University of Grenoble (France), including one year at the University of Reading (UK) through the Erasmus programme.


Photo of Dr Judith Kamalski, Publisher for Research Trends

Dr Judith Kamalski, PhD

Judith leads Elsevier's Analytical Services team, based in Amsterdam. She demonstrates Elsevier’s bibliometric expertise and capabilities by connecting with the research community. She continues to be heavily involved in analyzing, reporting and presenting of commercial research performance evaluation projects for academic institutes as well as governments. Judith has worked within several key areas of Elsevier including bibliographic databases, journal publishing, strategy, sales, and during her time in Research and Academic Relations, she acquired strong bibliometric knowledge and expertise on the use of bibliometric data to deepen customer insights and inform strategy. Judith has a PhD awarded by Utrecht Institute of Linguistics and also holds Masters Degrees in Corporate Communications and French Linguistics & Literature.


Photo of Iris Kisjes, MBA

Iris Kisjes, MBA

Iris Kisjes initiated the launch of Research Trends in 2007 and nurtured its publication through 2014. She is now a Senior Corporate Relations Manager at Elsevier. Iris completed her studies in Marketing and Media at Stirling University, Scotland, in 1999 after which she worked for a number of companies such as Canon, NTT Docomo, and British Telecom. Iris completed her MBA at Nyenrode Business University, The Netherlands, prior to joining Elsevier in 2006.



Photo of Dr Andrew Plume

Dr Andrew Plume

Dr Andrew Plume is Director – Scientometrics & Market Analysis in Elsevier's Research & Academic Relations team where he specializes in scientometrics. After taking his PhD in plant molecular biology from the University of Queensland (Australia) and conducting post-doctoral research at Imperial College London, Andrew joined Elsevier in 2004. Through accumulating a broad spectrum of data that ranges from specific primary sources such as authors and single articles to the broadest data resources generated from countries and entire subject domains, Andrew studies information flows in the scholarly literature by analyzing patterns of publications and citations. His particular interest lies in the use (and abuse) of the Impact Factor and the emergence of alternative metrics for journal evaluation. Andrew frequently presents these topics, among others, to journal editors, learned and scholarly societies, and the publishing community.



Dr Stephanie Oeben

Stephanie Oeben is the Open Access Research Manager within the Scientometrics and Market Analysis team, part of Elsevier’s Research and Academic Relations department. In her role, Stephanie provides strategic and tactical insights to colleagues and publishing partners on matters related to many different aspects of journal publishing with a special interest in questions of accessibility of journal articles and the impact of non-subscription access models on the growth of scholarly literature.

Stephanie holds an M.A. in Japanese and Chinese Studies from Georg-August Universität Göttingen (Germany), a Diploma in International Relations from Waseda University (Japan), and one in Anthropology from Oxford Brookes University (UK), where she also finished her PhD in Anthropology in 2013.


Photo of Matthew Richardson

Matthew Richardson

Matthew Richardson is Publishing Information Manager in Elsevier’s Research and Academic Relations department. He studies scientific research through the lenses of publication and citation trends, with a focus on the information flows that construct and change research disciplines. His particular focus is on visualizing networks of scientific publications and fields to enable a deeper understanding of how journals and disciplines relate to one another. Matthew completed a Master’s Degree in Writing from the University of Warwick before joining Elsevier in 2010.


Steven Scheerooren

Steven Scheerooren BW
Steven Scheerooren was Content Analytics Support Manager in Elsevier’s Analytical Services team. Having graduated from the University of Leiden as Japanologist (BA), Steven joined Analytics in 2013 to work on staff evaluation projects for Japanese universities. During his time, Steven conducted comparative research performance analyses for academic and government institutions.



Mike Taylor

During his time at Elsevier, Mike Taylor served as Senior Product Manager for Infometrics in Elsevier's Usage Research & Project Management team, was a research analyst in Elsevier Labs, and served various roles in Elsevier technology and publishing groups, as well as in various capacities within the ORCID initiative. Mike's areas of work include altmetrics, contributorship, research networks, the future of scholarly communications, and other identity issues.


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